Southern California Miles:Trina Gaynon

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Ars Poetica


It longs to be on the road--

a passenger free

to let the eyes wonder,

not the driver concentrating

on a destination:


                                              Some days

                                              hungry for a fast car

                                              on a long empty highway,

                                              a straight shot to anywhere.


                                              Some days preferring to take

                                              side roads


                                              in particular to watch:

                                                     tarantula cross the tarmac,

                                                                     heron stand on one leg,

                                                                                    red hawk land on a fence post.


Even on short winter

days, it searches for the

dirt track through the

high desert touched

with snow under a

cloudless sky, wanting

the path through

towers of rock to

be endless.







Previously published in Sojourn, vol. 21, School of Arts and Humanities, University of Texas, Dallas, 2008.